Adult Strabismus

Adults who develop strabismus (eye misalignment) often develop diplopia (double vision). One option to alleviate double vision is spectacles with prism. The objective of the prism is to superimpose the two images, creating a single image.

Some patients with double vision may be candidates for surgical correction of their eye misalignment which may also correct the double vision. During the strabismus evaluation your doctor will evaluate your eye alignment and eye movement to determine the appropriate treatment.

Some causes of new onset strabismus in adults include 3rd nerve palsy, 4th nerve palsy, 6th nerve palsy, thyroid eye disease, vascular disease and trauma.

Some adults have a history of strabismus as a child. If you chose not to have surgery to correct the eye misalignment as a child you may still have the opportunity to have the strabismus corrected as an adult. In addition some adults have a history of one or more previous strabismus surgeries as a child but notice a change in the eye position over time and may be interested in additional surgery.

Strabismus surgery is considered reconstructive surgery not cosmetic surgery. In addition to the improved appearance of ocular realignment many patients experience an improvement in visual function.