Esotropia is more commonly known as crossed-eyes. Children can be born with esotropia and this is often referred to as congenital esotropia or infantile esotropia.
These children often have significant amounts of eye crossing and are often candidates for surgical correction between the ages of 6 months and 2 years.
Other children develop esotropia between the ages of 2 years – 4 years. These children are often far-sighted (hyperopic) and spectacles will help correct the crossing.
Some children with increased amounts of eye crossing for near work will need a bifocal in the spectacles to correct the crossing. This is often referred to as accommodative esotropia.
If crossing is still noted with the spectacles surgical correction of the crossing is offered. Children with esotropia may also develop amblyopia and need patching if one eye crosses more than the other or if the amount of far-sightedness is higher in one eye than the other.