Important Information for your Visit


We make every effort to see patients at the scheduled appointment time. However, emergency appointments may have to be scheduled on short notice. Also, a parent may have questions for the doctor based on the outcome of the examination. Be assured that when it is time for your child’s appointment, the doctor will give you the same time and attention.

Adults who are scheduled for an appointment should bring a driver to the visit in the event that eye drops are administered for dilation.

Babies should be fed at home before leaving for the appointment. Parents of bottle fed babies should bring two bottles to the appointment. These bottles will be fed to the baby when they are examined after dilation. Please refrain from feeding the bottles to the baby until the second part of the examination.

All patients who wear glasses should bring the glasses to the visit. Also, if you are a contact lens wearer, the lenses will be removed when the eye drops are administered. Please bring your lens storage case to the visit.

If you are scheduled for a dilated visit, bring sunglasses to the visit as your eyes will be sensitive to sunlight.

After dilation, near vision will be blurry for six to eight hours. Pupils can appear dilated for twenty four hours or more.

If you are scheduled for a dilated appointment, be prepared to be in our office for at least two hours.